Gain control and reduce fatigue

The 360 Glide Boom-Height Control System provides reliable, mechanical, automatic positioning of your 360 Y-DROP system that ensures ideal hose position and nitrogen placement. Your current control system is ideal for bare ground but can struggle to measure above the canopy or through leaves to maintain height. The 360 solution takes control with a simple, reliable sensor rod that mounts to the 360 Y-DROP base and constantly adjusts the 360 Y-DROP base position relative to the ground. The 360 Glide Boom-Height’s three sensor bases plug into the center module of your current control system. That means there is no additional controller or system to learn and operate.


This rod glides over field terrain reporting the position of the 360 Y-DROP base to your boom control system. The rod flexes and pivots so it easily handles contours, turns and backing up.


The height control system is designed to adjust for terrain changes. It doesn’t react to rocks, washes and gullies. That’s why we include a rugged breakaway system. When an obstruction is hit by the base, the smart system automatically raises and quickly returns to its operating position.


The 360 Height Control system uses a mechanical sensor rod to automatically maintain the ideal position of the 360 Y-DROP base. That keeps the delivery hoses in the right angle to deliver nitrogen directly to the base of the corn plant. The 360 Boom Height system is available for John Deere Applicators equipped with BoomTracPro Auto Boom Sensing System, Hagie and Rogator applicators with Norac Boom Height Control. Other applicator models coming next season. Because the 360 Height Control system plugs into your existing control system, you operate it just like you control your current system. No additional monitors. No elaborate configuration or settings.